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AKC Licensed Agility Trial Secretary


 AKC Agility   

                         * GFKC 8/30/2024 - 9/1/2024 - Closes 8/14/2024

                     * PVGRC 9/7-8/2024 - Closes 8/24/2024

                     * PVBSC 9/14-15/2024 - Closes 8/28/2024

                     * RDOC 9/21-22/2024 - Closes 9/4/2024

                     * GKC 9/27-29/2024 - Opens 7/24/2024

                     * SVKC 10/5-6/2024 - Opens 7/31/2024

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Join the fun in 2024 for the

5th Annual SVKC High Scoring Dog

5th Annual
Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club

High Scoring Dog

SVKC logo.jpg

A beautiful silver bowl will be awarded to the dog who accumulates the most combined points overall in our agility trials (not every trial will offer every class) being offered in 2024 (4 trials/11 days of competition)

Points will be awarded as follows (only qualifying runs):
* Standard and JWW classes: one point for every second under standard course time
 (for Novice & Open only runs of 100 will be included)
*T2B: points awarded (T2B points from 1 to 10)
*FAST and Premier: 10 points earned for each qualifying run
* ISC: 10 points for a run without an "E"

***ADDITIONAL NEW AWARDS being offered in 2024***
- Top FAST dog - total points - tie broken by fastest combined time
- Top T2B dog - total points - tie broken by fastest combined time
- Top Premier dog - total Q's - tie broken by total speed points earned under SCT

- Top Junior Handler - total points - tie broken by fastest combined time

2024 Trial Dates

January 5-7, 2024 - Horizon's Edge, Harrisonburg, VA
March 30-31, 2024 - Walnut Hill Farm, Reva, VA
July 18-21, 2024 - Horizon's Edge, Harrisonburg, VA

 October 5-6, 2024 - Walnut Hill Farm, Reva, VA

2023 Top 8 Placements

     1st     Wind & Gretchen Mason

     2nd   Malibu & Gretchen Mason

     3rd    Caisson & Kim Black

     4th    Devine & Kathy McNeal

     5th    Apollo and Lydia Langley

     6th    Eva & Pat Anthony

    7th    Ms. Penny & Jim Saxon

     8th    Picard & Jen Brawley


  Contact us to get on our 2024 schedule. Our services include:


  1. Assistance with filing the initial trial application with AKC

  2. Creating the premium with your club information

  3. Accepting entries, sending initial and final confirmations

  4. Score keeping at the trial - This can include a custom HIT calculation for either single or team competitions. This is weighted so all levels can compete evenly. Always a fun way to raise money for a special rescue or other non-profit organization your club would like to support.

  5. Submitting final paperwork, electronic and hard copy, after the trial

All of this and much more! Plus, your trial will be on this website for easy reference.

Contact: Gretchen Mason, (c) 540-222-2169, (email) or use our handy form on the Contact Us page.

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